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Choosing Chocolate

Did you know that Elm Springs Arkansas has its own chocolate factory? KYYA, a boutique confectioner specializing in “bean to bar” and small-batch chocolates.

We’ve been buying sweets there for a few years and had always hoped we would someday be able to commision our own chocolate bar for Elmdale Estate and Heroncrest.

Rick Boosey, founder, Kyya Chocolate was kind enough to have us out the other week to talk through favor combinations and options for our purchase. We spent a good chunk of time visiting with Rick and going over what chocolates, from his current portfolio, that we gravitated towards. To get the process started he hooked us up with a couple samples of each just in time for our Marketing Meeting for Heroncrest.

The team was happy to help sample and offer their opinions. More to come as we narrow down the list. What an enjoyable experience so far!



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