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Orchids and Air Plants

I posted a few months ago some pictures of 2 orchids that we already owned. Both of which are going through their dormant phase right now. I really miss having that pop of color and that those plants provided so when I saw this orchid at a local Walmart I had to pick it up. It is currently on the dining room table and in full view from most of the living spaces. I will admit that the color is very bold but it seems to blend in well with everything else being of similar shades and tones.

Another recent addition are some air plants that Robert purchased from a Arkansas nursery. We had a batch of these from last year that did not make it but with some guidance from the guy that grew them we feel these plants will fair better.

We have them resting in the windowsill of the kitchen for now but once they get established we will be looking at other locations in the house to feature them.


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