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Recent Projects

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to having projects that you want to complete around the house. Fortunately, both Robert and I had a few PTO days to get rid of this year. During that time Robert has kept himself very busy taking care of task here and there, projects he had held off completing until he had the time. I've been able to help him out on a few but this is all him. Sharing a couple images below on some of the things that he was able to complete this last week.

Besides finding the time to complete a seemingly endless amount of trim, that had to be put up and touched up, Robert found the time to tackle some more creative endeavors.

Closet Shelves

Robert's first project was finishing up the closet shelves he had started on before leaving on his last work trip. They look great and have helped us out by free up enough space in the closet that we were able to to focus on de-cluttering the master bedroom.

Bedside Lights

Next on the list, and also a new addition to the master bedroom, are wall mounted lamps. Robert got the idea to create and install these based on some designer examples he had seen. All in he put about $10 in each, bulb included.

Kitchen Lighting

My favorite project so far is the installation of under cabinet lighting. We had this in the last house and it was one of my favorite features of that kitchen. You can never have too much light in a kitchen. Between cleaning, cutting and cooking it helps to have enough light to make sure you get the job done right.

The new lights have given the kitchen more depth and a higher end look and feel. They also do a great job of making the counter-tops pop.

Hand-built Pullout Drawer

Another project that Robert had been meaning to tackle was building and installing a pull out drawer underneath the, still in construction, mudroom bench. Up to this point, we have had to drag out the dog food container and push it back when we were done.

This way the container comes out without dragging on the ground and also with the soft close glides it goes back to position with minimum effort. I will share some more photos later once he gets done installing the bench seat.


This was a project that was way overdue and could not have come on a colder and windier day. Our former mailbox had seen better days and recently been hit, probably for the fourth time in its life, and was in bad need to replacement. Robert saw a new mailbox at Lowe's on clearance and decided to finally go ahead and replace and rebuild the stands holding all 3 of our current boxes. He was able to salvage the boxes from the other two addresses and we were fortunate enough to have the cut offs from a recently replaced electric pole to use as the new supports. Everything you see here, besides the new mailbox on the right was materials just laying around the property that we were able to re-purpose.

Photography Setup

Enough about Robert's projects I will end with one of my own. I made mention in a previous post that the two of us are planning to start our own social media experiments to see if we can turn our hobbies and interest into stand along projects/businesses.

While Robert was on his trip I started experimenting with photography and I hope that in the next could of weeks I will be posting my first images and videos on my new website.

More to come but please take a look at the current site, not content yet but I am in love with the look. The main focus of the site will be for me to share recipes and thoughts about equipment without all of the noise and distractions of ads and pop-ups.


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