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Reminding people to stay off your land

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Something we did not anticipate when purchasing our land was the amount of people that would assume that it was okay to drive down to the lake and go fishing. I admit that a big part of the problem is that we cleaned things up enough that now you can see how nice it would be to go down to the shore.

Since we are just getting into the construction for Heroncrest there is also concern that someone may get hurt if they are walking around and doing stuff they shouldn't be doing.

So far we are at around 5 trespassing incidents this past year. Most recently we came home after the city planning meeting to find a couple had just drove down to where Heroncrest is going and were fishing off the banks. They had parked their car down by the shore and were walking around when we showed up. Not knowing how they would react, to us telling them they were trespassing, we instead called the local cops to see if they would come out and help. Even with us sitting there on the other side of construction site the couple just took their time walking around and checking their fishing lines.

Honestly, we had put up signs months ago to remind people that this was private land but when this last occurrence happened the signs were nowhere to be seen.

To stop this from happening going forward we took action and invested in a heavy duty solution.

We searched online and found a reasonable price on a set of signs. Placed our order and 1 week later they arrived. Link to what we bought below:

Knowing that we wanted to get these in the ground ASAP we headed down to Lowe’s to buy what we needed for the project. The sign company had listed the option to buy sign posts from them for around $35 per post but we found an option that ended up costing us only $20 per sign total.

Instead of the purpose built post we purchased some galvanized fence posts, caps, nuts, bolts and washers for about $80 total, and that was including a new metal bit for drilling the holes. We set up shop, drilled holes and after that decided these would look much better if we painted them a dark green.

Went to Walmart and bought a few cans of hunter green spray paint and setup a spraying booth. We were going to spray these outside but the sun was going down and the threat of weather was approaching.

Next step: we will assembly these and get them in the ground as soon as we get a break in the rain. Should have them in this weekend and hopefully this will be a better reminder to trespassers.



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