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What could go better with wine than...bourbon!?

If you have not hit upon this trend yet you need to jump right in.

On one of our, regular enough, wine stock up trips we went to our local Walmart and found a very diverse selection of wines that have been finished/aged in bourbon barrels. Admittedly, we are both more knowledgeable about wines than most but this was a new thing neither of us had seen before, at least not mainstream.

We took a few bottles home to test and sample. These are now our go to wines for most evenings. They have the benefit of a very punchy flavor profile while still having a lot of the well matured characteristics of a decanted Burgundy wine.

They are are very approachable either paired with food or when enjoyed alone. We find that they go well with spicy food, red meat especially. Also, not a bad compliment with most desserts.

You cannot bet the price, ranging from $11 to $20 for the majority of bottles, most falling around $15.

We both cannot recommend these enough and encourage others to seek them out.




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