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What will this blog be about?

The reason we started this blog is that our friends and family are always asking us “what are we up to” “what are we doing”. Knowing that we have so many hobbies and things that we would like to share, It seemed easier for us to keep people up to date through social media. Now Robert and I are not native to using social media and I since had experience building websites it made more sense for us to go ahead and set up our own blog. This way we would have more control over how we feature the content. As we've been doing this we have come to realize that it is going to take more concentration and understanding of what we want to accomplish as we share information with you all. So this site for Elmdale Estate will continue to be the site that we use to share updates on the property and information related to our projects.

The big change is that we are both going to start our own blogs that help us each focus on our own hobbies. Neither one of us can really say that we have one hobby or even just a couple but there are some particular interest that we both come back to over and over again.

Robert has a deep passion for cars and really deserves the opportunity to dig into that and find the right way to share his knowledge with others. I've always been taken with cooking and specifically the selection of kitchenware and testing recipes. My favorite thing to do is to comb through different recipes to discover what are the commonalities between them. Testing and then perfecting my own version and in doing so also trying out kitchen gadgets and cooking methods to find the best way to get to the most representative version of a particular dish.

Please bear with us as we both make this transition and as we try to bring a little more focus to what we share and how we share it.



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