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Who don't like cake?

To be honest I am not a sweets person. I do have a problem craving salt but I have never been a sugarholic. Now I do love working with sweets; candy, chocolate, cakes...

I dabbled in cake decorating back in high school but have mostly stayed away from working with sweets these past few years. All that said, I am picking up the pastry bag again to work on a six tier cake for our photo shoot.

Now don't get excited, the inside is all Styrofoam and the icing is royal icing. I am cheating a little bit for the shoot. I just want something that looks pretty and goes well with everything. I am keeping it simple with an all white palette and will be covering it with icing roses, like in the smaller two tiered cake below.

I am planning to get back into catering once we have Heroncrest open so look forward to an announcement in future.

Cakes by Beau Garland... Beau Garland Baking... Catering by Beau Garland...

Update: His is a photo with the cake in use. It really turned out better than I had planned.



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